Safety & Fun

Kids Clubs

Need to enhance your kids activities?
Need to invrease your ROI from families?
Talk to us!
We will come up with YOUR plan.

Recreational programmes

Day Camps

We create unique experiences that stimulate the body, the mind and the soul during school and public holidays!

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Hotels & Selected Venues

Creative Play

Enhance your family targeting venue with kids’ creative play and families will become returning customers!

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For the 0-3 year olds

Baby Corners

Well trained staff, «soft» equipment and special activity concepts for the delicate ages of the 0-3.

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In all we do, there is this Kidarte touch!

Bond. Kidarte Bond.

Our Clients often refer to us as «Kidarte.» Once we complained. We are a boutique agency after all not a large multinational!
And Client gave us a very insightful answer: «All of you share something so similar yet again so rare in any other agency I worked with!» We like to spread this Kidarte sensation!

«Workohol» is our favorite spirit!

Work hard

Success is not coincidental. We believe in a results based approach and we instigate this attitude to our team members.

Partnerships are long term investments

Play Fair

Οh, yes! «What goes around, comes around». We honor our partners and our Clients and that’s why we grow through word of mouth.